SHOPPING:  Hardys Supermarket in Sanur is available by foot from the villa ( 10 minute walk ) or by bike ( 4-5 minutes ). Here you can purchase what you would normally buy back home, plus wines, beers & spirits. A Chemist ( Pharmacy ) is located next door to Hardys Supermarket, & Money Changers are available at the right hand side of the entry to Hardys Supermarket & also directly opposite Hardys on the other side of the road to the left. Alternatively, have Agusto take you to Carrefour near Kuta ( 15 minutes away ). Here the selection is enormous for vegetables, fruit, meat, fresh baked breads, liquor etc etc.

A few metres from the entrance to Zen, there are 2 Warungs ( Food stalls ) where you can buy fresh eggs & fruit & vegetables.

BARTERING IN BALI:  Bartering is expected in all transactions except where it is clearly sign posted that fixed prices apply. Do not feel embarrased about bartering, as it is expected by retailers, and is a way of life in Bali. Our recommendation is to offer half the asking price and end up after friendly banter at two thirds the asking price. A handy little tip is to learn the phrase "Sungut Mahal" ( Too expensive ). This is often met with howls of laughter at your ability to tell them in their own language that this price is too much. A lovely way to finish after you have struck the deal and the laughter has subsided, is to also say to the retailer " Terimakasih Banyak "  ( Thank You Very Much ). In return they will say to you "Sama Sama" ( You are welcome ).

SANUR AREA:  Sanur is quite unlike Kuta and Seminyak in that it is a far more relaxed area with no street hawkers. Shopping is almost endless & the beautiful beach area with numerous Restaurants is only a few metres away from the Main street of Sanur.

The Beach area is approximately a 10 minute walk away, ( 4-5 minutes by bike ) as are the numerous Restaurants & shops of Sanur.

Our choice of Sanur Restaurants are as follows:

  • Mezzanine
  • The Village
  • Coriander
  • Massimo
  • Resto Ming
  • Bassilica
  • Cafe Batu Jimbar

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